Continuing to keep Todd Gurley under 20 carries could be challenging for Rams

(Photo by Meg Oliphant/Getty Images)
(Photo by Meg Oliphant/Getty Images) /

Through two games, Todd Gurley has only seen 30 carries for the Los Angeles Rams on offense.

Due to the concerns that emerged at the end of last season in the NFC Championship and Super Bowl, the Los Angeles Rams made it clear early on in the offseason they would be taking a different approach with Todd Gurley in 2019.

Even though it took the Rams longer than it should have to admit that something was going on with their beloved running back, it was clear in the postseason that Gurley wasn’t the same running back as he normally is.

Otherwise, Los Angeles would have seen more production from Gurley in the two biggest games of his life instead of only combining for 45 rushing yards with a touchdown on 14 carries.

Once it was finally revealed that Gurley’s knee was an issue, the next question surrounding the Rams was whether the running back would ever be able to return to his normal ways on offense since he’s normally an absolute workhorse.

As mentioned before, Los Angeles making it clear early on in the offseason that Gurley would receive a different approach in 2019 left plenty of uncertainty heading into Week 1 since it was difficult to determine his status throughout camp and the preseason.

Through the first two games, Gurley has been able to shake off poor starts in both contests against the Carolina Panthers and New Orleans Saints, but luckily still came through when it mattered the most for the Rams.

The fact that Los Angeles currently sits at 2-0 with Gurley only seeing 30 carries for 160 yards and a touchdown has worked perfectly for the Rams so far, but can it last?

Without question, each of the first two games for the Rams against the Panthers and Saints have been difficult challenges for the defending NFC champions, meaning Los Angeles should be thrilled over Gurley’s limited usage compared to previous years.

But with the Rams currently being one of three undefeated teams in the NFC West alone on top of all the tough games scheduled from now until the end of December, it seems like only a matter of time before Los Angeles needs to rely on Gurley more.

Heading into September, the Rams knew managing Gurley’s production would be one of the biggest challenges on offense since his presence alone always gave the unit a major advantage when facing opponents.

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And while Los Angeles certainly has every reason to feel confident in the offense continuing to find this kind of success with Gurley staying under 20 carries each week, that’s always easier said than done, especially if the Rams need more on offense certain games.