Rams somehow keep winning games while Todd Gurley stays under 20 carries

Todd Gurley has yet to see 20+ carries in a game so far in 2019, but at least the Los Angeles Rams are 3-0.

During the offseason when it was obvious that something was going on with Todd Gurley‘s knee, the Los Angeles Rams made it clear right away they would be taking a different approach with their beloved running back in 2019.

Normally, Gurley was always known to be a workhorse for the Rams in the backfield, and even stepped his game up over the last two seasons by being a reliable target for Jared Goff as well in the passing game.

But with the NFC Championship and Super Bowl this past February making it clear that Gurley was hurting, the last thing Los Angeles wanted to do is overwork their star running back.

Through the first two games of 2019, it was amazing to see the Rams still find ways to pull out wins over the Carolina Panthers and New Orleans Saints, despite the fact that Gurley only received a combined 30 carries.

Even if Gurley deserved plenty of credit for finishing each game on a strong note after getting off to rough starts, there was some concern over whether Los Angeles would end up losing games due to the running back seeing a smaller workload.

Once again in Week 3, Gurley was held to less than 20 carries after only rushing for 43 yards on 14 rushing attempts, bringing his total on the young 2019 season to 203 rushing yards with a touchdown on 44 carries.

Does this mean that Los Angeles should feel confident in being able to continue win games when Gurley sees this limited kind of action?

By now, most Rams fans were under the assumption that Gurley would need to see at least 20 carries during one of the first three games, yet the offense somehow continues to find ways to get by.

While Malcolm Brown certainly deserves plenty of credit as well for stepping up in a big way over the first two games after the Browns limited him to just seven rushing yards on three carries in Week 3, the Rams may still need more from Gurley.

As great as it’s been to watch Los Angeles jump out to a 3-0 start on the year to make an early case for being one of the early favorites in the NFC, this team still has a long way to go, especially when it comes to proving that Gurley can remain healthy.

Sooner or later, the Rams will most likely find themselves in a position where they need to determine if the offense can rely on giving Gurley more action in the backfield, and when that time does come, it will be interesting to see how it plays out.