NFL Power Rankings, Week 6: Rams continue to drop after Seahawks loss

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15. Cleveland Browns (Play Monday Night)

Will the Cleveland Browns continue to play at a high level on Monday night when taking on the San Francisco 49ers?

One week after making a huge statement on the road by defeating the Baltimore Ravens, the Browns will be looking for another solid performance that results in the 49ers suffering their first loss of 2019.

Playing on the road in front of a national audience is never easy for a team like Cleveland, but if they were able to do it in Baltimore, San Francisco seems like a strong possibility as well.

Of course, if this is going to have any chance of happening, the Browns are going to need a strong outing from Baker Mayfield under center since the former No. 1 pick has been taking some heat for not putting up crazy numbers.

The whole point of Cleveland acquiring Odell Beckham Jr. from the New York Giants during the offseason was to help make life easier for their beloved quarterback, and even though Nick Chubb has stepped up in a big way, Mayfield still needs to elevate his game.

Similar to last weekend against Baltimore, San Francisco’s defense will be another good test for Mayfield to see if he can help the Browns get above .500 on the year.