NFL Power Rankings, Week 6: Rams continue to drop after Seahawks loss

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32. Miami Dolphins

The good news for the Miami Dolphins is they didn’t end up on the losing end during Week 5 since they were fortunate enough to enjoy the bye week.

Just how bad have things been for the Dolphins so far in 2019?

As if sitting at 0-4 wasn’t already frustrating enough, it should also be noted that Miami has already been shutout once, and has only scored 26 points in four games.

No matter how much the Dolphins want to deny they’re going through tank mode, it’s tough not to think this way since Miami is clearly going through rebuilding mode, and will be lucky to win even one or two games all season.

On a positive note, at least the Dolphins were smart enough to replace Ryan Fitzpatrick with Josh Rosen a few weeks ago to give the young quarterback an opportunity to prove himself worthy of being the starter of the future.

Since Miami appears to eventually be heading towards earning a high draft pick down the road in April, there will be plenty of potential quarterbacks to choose from if the Dolphins realize Rosen is far from the answer.

But at least for now, Miami has nothing to lose rolling with Rosen, and maybe the former first-round pick will lead the Dolphins to their first win in Week 6 with a favorable matchup against the Washington Redskins.