NFL Power Rankings, Week 6: Rams continue to drop after Seahawks loss

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14. Chicago Bears

After defeating the Minnesota Vikings the way they did in Week 4, a meeting with the Oakland Raiders seemed like it would be great for the Chicago Bears.

With the defense continuing to make a strong case over being one of the top units in the NFL, Derek Carr seemed like he would be in for a rough afternoon when facing the Bears.

Instead, the defense failed to sack Carr even once, and Chicago watched their comeback effort against Oakland go to complete waste after falling 24-21.

All of a sudden, the Bears find themselves sitting in third place in the NFC North standings, and will enter the bye week with plenty of questions in need of answering.

For starters, should Chicago feel confident in Chase Daniel being able to handle the responsibilities running the offense with Mitch Trubisky out?

Finding a reliable backup quarterback to fill in can be tough in the NFL, but it would be a shame to watch the Bears let this talented team waste an opportunity to be a serious contender in the NFC.

Once Chicago returns from their bye to face the New Orleans Saints, here’s to hoping the Bears can fix some of these issues by then, or it’s going to be a rough rest of October.