NFL Power Rankings, Week 6: Rams continue to drop after Seahawks loss

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12. Los Angeles Rams

First off, the fact that Jared Goff has thrown 117 passes over the last two games should be a huge concern for the Rams since this makes it clear that Los Angeles isn’t doing the best job of spreading the football around.

Normally, the Rams always seem to have an advantage on offense with Todd Gurley being one of the top running backs in the league, and watching him earn four trips into the end zone over the last two weeks would make it seem like all is well.

But when taking into consideration that Gurley only saw 15 carries again less than a week after receiving just five, clearly something is going on with the Los Angeles running back.

By now, one would think that Los Angeles would have some sort of clear update over what exactly is going on with Gurley, but whatever is going on continues to be a mystery, and it’s becoming more frustrating each week.

While the Rams were able to get by keeping Gurley limited the first three games, there’s no excuse for his lack of production over the last two games.

Not to mention, if Los Angeles is going to continue limiting Gurley, then why aren’t Malcolm Brown and Darrell Henderson seeing more carries to help take some of the pressure off Goff as well?