NFL Power Rankings, Week 6: Rams continue to drop after Seahawks loss

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30. Cincinnati Bengals

At this point, there’s no way to sugarcoat just how bad of a football team the Cincinnati Bengals are, and Sunday’s loss to the Arizona Cardinals is the perfect example of how rough things have been this year.

Originally, the idea of hiring Zac Taylor as the new head coach was supposed to help the Bengals reach new levels on offense.

And while the argument can be made that Cincinnati deserves some benefit of the doubt for having to deal with A.J. Green missing in action due to an injury, the team shouldn’t be looking this bad.

Getting the chance to host the previously winless Cardinals at home seemed like the perfect opportunity for the Bengals to finally earn that first win to help take some of the pressure off the team heading into Week 6.

Instead, Cincinnati found a way to hit a new low in 2019, and the most frustrating factor for fans is things don’t look like they’re going to get better anytime soon.

Maybe if the Bengals didn’t take until the fourth quarter to finally score their first touchdown of the game, the results could have been much different for Cincinnati against Arizona.

And when looking ahead at the next couple of games, the Bengals could very well be still in search of that first win by the time November rolls around.