Jalen Ramsey and other Rams that could benefit from trade deadline with new deals

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Here are a few Los Angeles Rams players that could benefit from new deals after the 2019 trade deadline, including Jalen Ramsey.

As soon as it was announced that Aqib Talib would be heading to the Miami Dolphins through a trade, the immediate speculation was the Los Angeles Rams made the move to clear up some salary cap space to potentially offer Jalen Ramsey a new deal.

After acquiring the former Jacksonville Jaguars star a few weeks ago, one of the concerns surrounding the Rams was whether they would be able to afford Ramsey for the long run beyond the 2020 season with all of their current players under hefty contracts, including Talib.

But now that Talib is officially out of the picture, Los Angeles has some extra money to spend in order to make that dream of keeping Ramsey around for the long run more of a reality.

However, Ramsey isn’t the only player that deserves consideration for a new deal on the Rams since there are plenty of other candidates that have made strong cases throughout the 2019 season, and will eventually be looking to get paid as well.

Even if the early speculation over Ramsey being the next player to earn a new deal from Los Angeles turns out to be right, there’s always the possibility of other Rams benefitting from the cleared up cap space as well.

Now that the trade deadline for 2019 is officially in the books, let’s take a look at a few other players on the Rams that could benefit from potentially earning new deals like Ramsey, even if they seem like long shots at the moment.