2020 LA Rams Salary Cap anatomy

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Salary cap magic – who can the LA Rams restructure?

The short answer?  Everyone. Or in simpler terms, whomever they decide to restructure can be redealt with a new contract.  But it is a balancing act of sorts.  Remove salary impact from current year only means adding to cap woes for future years.  And that’s just basic mathematics.

Of course, managing an NFL salary cap is as much of an art form as it is math.

The most significant savings starts at the most significant contracts. That points to restructuring LA Rams QB Jared Goff‘s contract for 2020.  Goff is due bonuses in 2020 totaling some  $26 Million.  Per SPOTRAC.com, restructuring Goff’s contract will free up $16.8 Million in 2020. Doing that would place the team over $42 Million in available cap space.  That would be on or about the NFL average.

Another opportunity is to extend cornerback Jalen Ramsey. Due to the cap dynamics, signing Ramsey to a long term contract would free up approximately $3 Million.  Of course, that results in a long-term marriage between the Rams and Ramsey, but after trading two 1st round draft picks, that has been the Rams objective all along.

How do you feel about running back Todd Gurley‘s knees?  If you believe Gurley will return to his former self, then you will likely vote to maintain the status quo. But if you accept the rumor that Gurley’s knees are not what they used to be, then this is a good time to trade him away for a “make me an offer” deal aimed to free up just under $5 Million.

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Finally, the surge from safety Taylor Rapp in 2019 let’s the Rams to consider severing ties with veteran safety Eric Weddle, saving just under $5 million.  Do all that, and the Rams can peak at about $55 Million in salary cap space.  That would be enough to retain Littleton (approx. $12.5 M/year) and Fowler (franchise tag at $16.3 M). Signing Brockers will run the team approximately $12 M/year.  That leaves the team on or about $14 Million to sign their draft prospects and round out their roster, all definitely doable.  In the end, the Rams have options to re-sign key players and build a better roster for 2020.