7 urgent Los Angeles Rams roster needs

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Time to review the LA Rams offseason roster needs for 2020. How many can you come up with? With have 7 urgent needs

The LA Rams finished the 2019 season at 9-7. That’s very good for a team not competing in the post season games.  It’s not good for a team hoping to return to the Super Bowl and avenge their loss in Super Bowl 53.  But 9-7 is where the team ended up in 2019, so it’s where we start in 2020.

Much of where the Rams end up in the 2020 season is very dependent upon a great deal of factors yet to happen. For example, when trading with the Jacksonville Jaguars for start cornerback Jalen Ramsey, the LA Rams committed to keeping Ramsey on the roster long-term.  And despite the Rams long list of projected 2020 free agents, we’re convinced that the team will need to retain some key defensive contributors.

One basic fact about drafting in the NFL. It’s virtually impossible to draft well while simultaneously drafting for positions of need.  There are many reasons for this: the draft class may not have sufficient depth of talent for the position, the demand for that position may exceed the supply of prospects that year, available talent may not fit the teams scheme, or the team may have set prerequisite conditions for certain positions which limit who the team wants to consider for their roster.

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With this regard, this NFL Mock draft (and all mock drafts in the series) will presume that the team has already signed a veteran to the roster who can play at a professional level.  Therefore, the Rams will be drafting for depth and to compete for starting playing time at positions where the team struggled last year.  Let’s get started.