LA Rams draft best player available BPA in round four

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Draft A.J. Green, CB Oklahoma State

The Big 12 Conference is know as a wide open passing conference. Who better to pick that a cornerback which routinely plays pass defense for most of the game. A.J. Green has defended the best receivers of those wide open Big 12 offenses.

At Oklahoma State, cornerback A.J. Green played in 40 games. He recorded 147 total tackles with six interceptions. Teams did not throw to his side very often.

Green is a big defender. He is listed as 6-foot-1 weighing 190 pounds. Physically, he is very similar in size to Ramsey. He would work very well as a slot corner.

There is a decision to make regarding the next contract for Ramsey. He will undoubtedly want a big money contract. Will the Rams want to pay out another big contract for him?

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Snead should draft Green as added insurance in case Ramsey bolts in 2021.  Green would have a season to learn before thrown into the mix before he is ready. His collegiate experience has prepared him but not for the difference in speed of the NFL game.

If Green is not available, there is another player that the Rams should select. He should make an early impact, as well as Green would.

Here’s the second player.