LA Rams 2020 NFL Draft select future QB in round 6

The LA Rams quarterback depth selected from 2020 NFL Draft sixth round. Groomed by McVay and Goff, he is the teams insurance policy.

The 2020 NFL Draft is loaded with talent. The LA Rams are loaded with roster needs. We know the team needs offensive line help, linebackers, defensive linemen, tight end, and pehaps even running back. But there is a rich tradition for the LA Rams at the quarterback position. Norm Van Brocklin, Roman Gabriel, James Harris, Kurt Warner and a multitude of others have lead the Rams offense throughout their 83 seasons of existence. A new name could be added to this illustrious collection of quarterbacks in round 6.

The NFL is a quarterback driven league. As each season passes, the passing game seems to gain more importance in winning championships. The mindset of “three yards and a cloud of dust” are long gone.

Back up quarterback, Blake Bortles, is set to become a free agent in March. He saw very little game time as  Jared Goff played the majority of the snaps. Basically, Bortles was insurance against an injury to Goff.

Expect LA to find the best available player to draft with the 199th pick. The QB free agent market really does not give the Rams a reason to pursue one. Perhaps it may be best to allow Sean McVay groom a rookie to become the future face of the franchise.

Rookie Quarterbacks Worth Taking In The Sixth Round

First, the best option is Jalen Hurts. The former Alabama/Oklahoma University quarterback is a winner. Hurts won SEC and Big 12 Conference championships. He thrived in the wide open passing offense at Oklahoma.

The 6-foot-2 218 pound QB completed 237 of 340 passes for 3851 yards with 32 touchdowns. Hurts had an outstanding completion percentage of 69.7 and passer rating of 191.2. He ran the ball for nearly 1300 yards.

Second, James Morgan might be a reasonable selection. This 6-foot-4 213 pound QB played two seasons at Florida International after transferring from Bowling Green in 2018. Morgan completed 420 passes for 5312 yards with 40 touchdowns in the past two seasons in Florida.

Third, Jordan Love is the under-the-radar type of player. The 6-foot-4 225 pound Utah State quarterback did not get prime time exposure but is a player. He threw for 8600 yards with 60 touchdowns and had a passer rating of 137.9 in three seasons.

Finally, Anthony Gordon is a product of the Mike Leach offense. The 6-foot-3 210 pound QB completed 493 passes for 5579 yards with 48 touchdowns in 2019. Gordon backed up Jacksonville Jaguars prized rookie Gardner Minshew in 2018.

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The Rams could surprise everyone by taking a quarterback in round 6. Hurts would be the idea player, if available. Let’s wait and see how the Rams approach this late round.


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