7 solid reasons why LA Rams win NFC West next season

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The LA Rams finished third in the NFC West in 2019, the most competitive division of the NFL. But here are seven reasons why the LA Rams will win the NFC West division in 2020

The LA Rams most certainly had a down season in 2019, and even then barely missed the playoffs with a 9-7 record. Still, the team have obvious problems in all three components of a game: offense, defense, and even special teams. With few salary dollars and no first round pick, Will it be more of the same next season?

While it’s an easy and cheap conclusion to simply project the same finish in 2020, the mood of the team is already not one of complacency.  Changes abound already, and you can expect plenty more of the same.  For each rookie who was forced into a starting role, they have become the young player with NFL experience on the roster going into the next season.

And while the team was swept by the San Francisco 49ers, and ended at simply a 3-3 record in the division, the coaching staff has an entire off-season to strategize ways to outflank opponents and start off hot.  Added to that, the 2019 schedule was horribly difficult, oscillating between away for distant opponents, and returning home again, only to go back out on the road next week.

Of course, the 2020 season will have its own set of surprises and challenges. As they develop, we’ll assess the impact and revise our projection accordingly.  For now, the tone for the Rams right now is very optimistic. Here are seven solid reasons why: