LA Rams frugal free agency fix for 2020 offensive line

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Los Angeles Rams GM Les Snead
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The LA Rams have staffed the offensive line with few assets. Time to deep dive on current players, leading to a frugal fix targeting 2020 NFL free agents

The LA Rams front office has a lot of work remaining in their inbox before the new NFL season begins. For starters, the team needs to fill open coaching positions, as both the running backs coach and special team coordinator positions remain unfilled.  For the moment, that may not be the end of the coaching search.

With so much emphasis on the team to find and develop unrecognized gems among the athletes who are glossed over by other teams, I can’t help but think the team is open to creating a new coaching position – perhaps a new player development coach.  After all, it’s clear that the Rams will be in NFL salary cap purgatory beyond 2020, and as such will need to fast track the development of young talent on the team

In other team news,, the scouting department is rumored to be in the process of retooling towards better scouting of both college and professional athletes who may fit roles for the LA Rams roster at the right price.

The right price. Right now that’s not a very large number in terms of contract value.  It’s also not a large number of free agents. Almost all offensive linemen are looking to get paid copious amounts of money. The current track record of the LA Rams seems to be shove piles of cash at the players, and then make it as much of it guaranteed as possible.

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That’s not the approach I recommend for the team to take this off-season. In fact, the only true solution is to adapt a frugal fix for the offensive line this off-season. Frugally fixing this team’s offensive line will  require four very important components: (1) some of the best player scouting and analytics available in the NFL, (2) great patience, (3) great coaching, and then, (4) even more great patience.