Will the LA Rams wheel and deal again in the 2020 NFL Draft?

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The LA Rams are not strangers to draft day trades. As the team prepares for the 2020 NFL Draft, will they fill draft day headlines over trades made?

The LA Rams seem to enjoy adding excitement to the NFL Draft. When NFL teams prepare for their annual NFL Draft, the set their draft board to reflect where they believe each potential player should fall over the course of three days of drafting.  When LA Rams general manager Les Snead prepares for the NFL Draft, it almost seems as though he has prepackaged the Rams picks into potential trades with virtually every other NFL team.

Heading into the 2019 NFL Draft, the Rams held seven picks.  They were: 31, 94, 99, 133, 169, 203, and 251.  After the 2019 NFL Draft, the Rams were found to have selected the following players:

61 – Safety Taylor Rapp
70 – Running back Darrell Henderson
79 – Cornerback David Long
97 – Offensive tackle Bobby Evans
134 -Defensive tackle Greg Gaines
169 -Offensive tackle David Edwards
243- Safety Nick Scott
251- Linebacker Dakota Allen

In the aftermath, the Rams’ only pick used heading into the draft was that at 169. So what trades happened, and will that have a bearing on 2020 draft picks?

(Trade 1) The Rams traded their first and sixth round picks (numbers 31 and 203) to the Atlanta Falcons for their second and third round picks at 45 and 79. (+35 value)
(Trade 2) The Rams then traded pick 45 to the New England Patriots for their second and third round picks (56 and 101). (-5 value)
(Trade 3) At 56, the Rams then traded that second round pick with the Kansas City Chiefs for their second and fifth round picks (61 and 167). (-23 value)
The Rams finally used the 61st pick.
(Trade 4) At 70, the Rams traded both their 90th and and 99th picks to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for the right to choose there. (-4 value)
At 79, the Rams used the Falcons pick.
(Trade 5) At 97, the Rams traded once more with the New England Patriots, giving up the 101 and 133 in exchange for the Patriots picks at 97 and 162. (+6.5 value)
(Trade six) At 134, the New England Patriots gave the Rams picks 134 and 243 for the Rams picks at 162 and 167. (-11 value)

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Using the 2019 draft as the template, it’s logical to believe that the Rams will show even more willingness to trade in the 2020 NFL Draft. The LA Rams enter this years draft with no picks in either round one or round five. The current picks for the Rams (without factoring in comp picks are set to pick at 20 in each round.  That means the team selects at 52, 84, 116, 179, and 211.  In addition, the Rams project to get a round 4 comp pick (33rd pick for  round 4). While the Rams do not have a first round pick, the team certainly has plenty of time to add picks before the draft arrives.

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Even in the days leading into the draft, it’s clear that the Rams will deal a pick or picks down if they do not find value, or package picks to move up for a player they project as holding value at that spot.

The 2020 NFL Draft, and the time leading up to that draft, are very important for the team.  No doubt we’re in for some excitement along the way.