LA Rams 2020 NFL Draft deep with offensive linemen

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There will be plenty of quality offensive linemen for the LA Rams to select in round 2 of the 2020 NFL Draft with their first pick

The LA Rams have to improve their offensive line, especially to improve the running attack. Despite LA having traded away their 2020 first round pick for cornerback Jalen Ramsey, they should not have to worry about not getting quality offensive linemen. This 2020 draft class of linemen is very deep.

There is a very good chance that a top tier lineman could slide down in the draft. Expect several surprises as round one unfolds. Would the Rams try to move up to get their main target?

Perhaps, or LA may decide to let the chips fall and stay put in the draft order. On day two, the Rams have an opportunity to take two offensive linemen. Most importantly, these players will be talented enough to contribute almost immediately.

There could be as many as twelve or more linemen available in the second round. Some of them might have been first round picks. Most of all, their price tag is easier on the Rams salary cap than a first rounder.

For example, the Rams first round pick would have a four year deal worth $14 million, according to The next two round would cost the Rams a combined cost of $9 million. Here are some quality players that LA might target on day two.