LA Rams RB Malcolm Brown may need new zip in 2020

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LA Rams
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The LA Rams RB Malcolm Brown has patiently played the backup role to RB Todd Gurley. Unfortunately, he may need new zip in 2020

The LA Rams begin another journey of metamorphosis.  Despite the fans best intended wishes, the Rams, like every NFL team, reinvents itself from one year to another. Familiar faces move on to other NFL teams, some gracefully retire, while still others hope to have the phone ring, but are disappointed to find that the game of football has moved on without them.  It’s necessary, because hundreds of new football hopefuls stream into the league, buoyed by their raw talent and enthusiasm, hoping to earn their place on the roster in the new season. Such is the role of backup running back Malcolm Brown.

So the career of running back Malcolm  Brown as an LA Rams backup rusher is somewhat of an anomaly.  Five NFL seasons backing up running back Todd Gurley has painted Brown somewhat into a corner.  197 career NFL rushes, 769 total yards rushing, and six touchdowns.  Five of those touchdowns occurred in 2019.   He also contributes to the passing game, catching 20 of 28 passes thrown his way for 165 yards and one touchdown.

5-foot-11 222  pound Malcolm Brown was on the verge of a breakout season in 2019. He opened the season with 11 carries for 53 yards and two touchdowns on the road against the Carolina Panthers. But as happened in seasons before, the team failed to commit to him.  His snap counts waned from nearly a third of the offense, down to one of twenty.

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It’s awfully tough for a running back to “feel” the game playing as though each snap will be the last for the game, or even for the season. Such is the life of anyone whose NFL career is based on backing up Rams running back Todd Gurley.