LA Rams RB Gurley and Vikings WR Diggs center of NFL Rumors

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The LA Rams RB Todd Gurley is a topic of NFL Rumors. Has he found a friend in Vikings WR Stefon Diggs, who is subject of similar trade rumors?

The LA Rams face some difficult decisions going forward over running back Todd Gurley. NFL Rumors swirl around his future with the LA Rams.  Two weeks ago, we shared the new NFL rumors suggesting that running back Todd Gurley may not be back with the Rams in 2020.

Today, February 6, 2020, reports indicate that Gurley will be meeting with the LA Rams general manager Les Snead to discuss and decide his future with the team.  NFL off-season is filled with the whispers and bits of information indicating team plans.  That information is not released secretly, but rather is designed to test a trade market for the player associated with possible trade talks.  It’s a test of the market, designed to trigger other NFL general managers to inquire.

And for the most part, it’s an effective system.  It keeps fans engaged in the doldrums of the off-season. It give sports writers and pundits plenty to absorb, comment upon, speculate over, and grade in terms of future fit and impacts.  It’s simply one way trades start in the NFL. But to the player, it likely feels like he is under social media siege. That’s likely a difficult burden to bear for a player like RB Todd Gurley who has already contributed so much to the LA Rams success in recent years.

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So too does Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Stefon Diggs find himself the subject of trade rumors as the Vikings scramble to find salary cap space this year. Of course, Diggs himself was responsible for the swirling NFL rumors which seem to follow him, as he fueled the fire early in the 2019 season by not denying he wanted traded. Now that the NFL off-season is upon us, those trade rumors followed him.

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So it was a curious set of statements by two NFL players who both find themselves in the center of NFL Trade rumors

Todd Gurley II Retweeted

The cryptic message by Diggs likely has plenty to do with his questionable future with the Minnesota Vikings.  But even more curious for the LA Rams is the retweeting by running back Todd Gurley, who is himself facing an uncertain future.

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If this week is any indication as to how the NFL Free Agency market will play out, NFL fans will be in for an incredible treat. Plenty of offensive firepower is heading for the open market, while the NFL Draft is deep as well.