Lookback at LA Rams 2019 NFL Draft results one year later

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LA Rams Darrell Henderson
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Round 3 Pick 70

University of Memphis running back Darrell Henderson was a third round pick “insurance policy” for the LA Rams for the Rams offensive backfield. Standing just 5-foot-8 and weighing 208 pounds, he was touted as a “change of pace” running back with big play speed.  Henderson was a solid investment of a third round pick in a draft where the team had plenty of roster depth needs. For a team weighing the health of the feature back, selecting a running back at pick 70 felt very much like a need pick.

The objective for the Rams 2019 offense was to limit the number of carries by running back Todd Gurley.  While the team was very successful in doing so, the result was to lean far too heavily on the passing game.  In essence, the Rams opted to pass the ball rather than hand it off to either RB Darrell Henderson or his his teammate RB Malcolm Brown. That was deeply disappointing.

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Henderson’s speed and flash never seemed to find its way onto the field in 2019.  He touched the ball just 39 times in 13 games, and ran for 147 yards and no touchdowns.  Not much of a debut in the NFL, was it?

But time is on Henderson’s side. With so little usage in 2019, he will be on fresh legs this season, and has a year of NFL and LA Rams playbook experience under his belt.  Beyond that, you can expect the Rams offense to align more closely to Henderson’s skill sets: sweeps, misdirection plays, and getting him one on one with linebackers in pass coverage.  His 2020 season will be a huge step towards a long NFL career.