3 reasons why LA Rams should re-sign FA ILB Bryce Hager

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LA Rams Bryce Hager
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LA Rams inside linebacker Bryce Hager didn’t get many headlines for the Rams, but here are 3 reasons why the team must re-sign him in free agency

Sometimes the key to a successful free agency market is not to sign marquis players, but rather players who are undervalued and poised to make significant contributions. So it is with LA Rams inside linebacker Bryce Hager. So why would a backup player who had never played more than 14 percent of the Rams defensive snaps warrant an article pleading for the team to re-sign him?

Well before we delve into that, I’m not convinced that everyone knows exactly who Bryce Hager is.  For starters, he is a five year NFL veteran, having been selected with the 224th pick from the 2015 NFL Draft.  That’s a difficult position to earn significant playing time without putting in your dues.  And that’s exactly what Hager learned to do.

For his first four seasons, Hager was a fixture on the LA Rams special teams unit.  A typical linebacker, Hager’s strength plus speed allowed him to run the length of the field and zero in on the kick or punt returner.  At 6-foot-1 and 237 pounds, he is the right size, weight, and speed to deliver punishing tackles, and did so for the past four seasons under Special teams coordinator John Fassel.

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ILB Hager was a stalwart dependable player, until he suffered a shoulder/neck injury in 2019.  The result of a banged up shoulder, Hager was in and out of the lineup until the Rams finally placed him on injured reserve.

So what could possibly compel me to argue for re-signing a backup linebacker who is coming back from neck injury?  Well, I’m glad you asked.  Let’s talk about three solid reasons why the Rams need to re-sign Hager: