SoFi Stadium will truly provide LA Rams fans the greatest show in the NFL

(Photo by Rich Polk/Getty Images for PepsiCo)
(Photo by Rich Polk/Getty Images for PepsiCo) /

The LA Rams home field SoFi Stadium is loaded with groundbreaking teachnology, all designed to give fans one of the greatest showtime experiences in the NFL

The LA Rams new home, SoFi Stadium, continues to make progress towards the 2020 NFL season. One of the most advanced state-of-the-art undertakings in the 21st century, SoFi Stadium’s $5 billion price tag may seem exorbitant, that is until you start to read the details of what the complex will deliver.  And that delivery will impact two NFL franchise fanbases: the Los Angeles Rams and the Los Angeles Chargers.

While many already know all about the sports and entertainment complex, the project is such a massive undertaking that each new bit of information shared may contain some new feature or detail you may have missed.  To start off, SoFi Stadium has a dedicated website which is the center of updates, news, events, concerts, and fun information

We’d discussed the particulars of the stadium complex previously.  More than a football stadium, sports arena, or concert hall, SoFi stadium is a well-designed advanced architectural structure designed to co-locate multiple event sites in one large fan-friendly space.

Still, more than all the impressive displays, landscaping, and architecture, the most impressive piece to the fans is the presence of the Oculus.  The Oculus is a 2.2 million pound double sided oval video display which will be suspended above the field of play.  No matter where a fan sits in the stadium, they will have a video display within their line of sight.  So how does that all work?

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Well the thing about new technology is that the video operators need to learn exactly how it does work.  With nothing close in operation today, From 80-85 professionals will create the video content for the display, which will display 80 million pixels.  The video will be handled by 56 5G antenna, while the accompanying sound will be broadcast through over 250 speakers.

And according to Skarpi Hedinsson, who was interview by Stu Jackson, SoFi Stadium and Hollywood Park’s Chief Technology Officer, it will house the first ever 4k HDR video system in a stadium.

"“Nobody has ever created content for a double-circular board like this,” Hedinsson said. “So the team has been in the lab for a long time, using our VR technology to understand how best to present content and how do we make sure that all the seating sections are in play as we put our images and our replay frames on the board.” – Skarpi Hendinsson, as told to Stu Jackson"

That type of video display will exceed the experience of viewing from home many times over. And that will keep fans coming to see NFL games live.

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The stadium itself is open air, which will allow plenty of breezes to ensure crowd comfort.   Phase I of development for the complex includes one million square feet which includes the football stadium, Champions Plaza and a 6,000-seat performance event complex.  Phase I is scheduled t finish in the summer of 2020.   Phase II will include an additional 1.5 million square feet of retail and office space (which will include NFL Media HQ), 2,500 homes, at least one hotel and more than 20 acres of green park space, including a lake.

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The LA Rams will play eight home games at SoFi Stadium, as will the LA Chargers.  So far, the complex screams “championship play”. Let’s hope the Rams deliver on the promise that new stadium commands.