4 options for LA Rams defensive end: Re-sign, Sign, Draft, or Promote Defensive End?

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LA Rams Michael Brockers
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Of course, there are many reasons to re-sign defensive end Michael Brockers.  A player who is familiar with the team and with whom the team and fans are familiar.  But to some, Brockers has lost its luster. Does familiarity breed contempt in this instance?

Brockers delivers folks. Yes, he is not racking up huge numbers on the passing downs over quarterback sacks. But there is more to defense than sacking quarterbacks. He’s been a swiss army knife of the defensive front for years. In the saying “jack of all trades, master of none”, players who show the incredible versatility to play multiple positions well, seem to have limits in terms of specializing enough to be the best in the slot at any one position.

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So too, Brockers has grown in versatility at the expense of becoming great in one narrow role.  That is not to say that he does nothing incredibly well.  He does.

Run stopping is the direction this Rams defense needs to emphasize in 2020.  So it makes great sense for the Rams to re-sign a veteran who excels at it. In the end, DT Aaron Donald could petition for any one of the half-dozen teammates poised to depart to another NFL team via free agency.  The fact that he has used his podium to petition to the Rams front office to re-sign Brockers speaks deafening volumes.

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Based on the 2020 Free Agent market, Brockers may need to accept a discount to sign on with either the Rams or a new NFL team.