5 LA Rams 2020 FA targets nobody is talking about

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The LA Rams must aim salary cap dollars at undervalued players. Here are 5 targets in NFL Free Agency the Rams should target which nobody is talking about

The LA Rams have spent money rather quickly on player contracts. Whether wisely or foolishly, there is no chance to sign the more expensive players in the 2020 free agency market until the Rams negotiate some contractual concessions with their highest-paid players.  We’d laid out a straight-forward 5 step plan to free up over $80 million salary-cap space for this offseason, but until that happens, the Rams do not have sacks of cash to hand out.

So the Rams must take a different approach to spend more wisely than 31 other teams. That can mean several things, but the bottom line is seeking out undervalued players who are off the radar scopes of other teams.  The Rams can either focus upon young players poised at the cusp of a breakout season, or veterans whose waning production has been outpaced by receding contract offers.

For young players, one fact to key on is to aim at backups to NFL marquis players.  Oftentimes, some very good players are benched when starting time means dethroning an NFL elite player.  Think quarterback Jimmy Garapolo playing behind Tom Brady. That’s one of the keys to look for.

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The other key is a veteran who has made salary demands which proved too costly for their former team. DT Ndamukong Suh is a good example of that sort of player.