5 strength and conditioning coaches the LA Rams must interview

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The LA Rams introduced 3 new coordinators and 2 coaches. Still no new Strength and Conditioning coach. Here are our 5 candidates the Rams must consider

The LA Rams made it a point to introduce 5 new hires to their coachings staff on February 12, 2020. The team even added a new assistant special teams coach later in the day by hiring Tory Woodbury. But so far, the team has not made an offer to the new strength and conditioning coach, nor to the position of Director of Strength Training and Performance. After all, finding a new strength and conditioning coach is a bit harder than you might think.  While there is a Pro Football Strength and Conditioning Coach association (PFSCCA), it tends to list who holds current NFL jobs, and not a list of who is looking for an opportunity.

Of course, there is the Sports Career Finder job website.  Again, it’s a members-only service and helps unemployed members find new opportunities.  There is no list of members seeking jobs as strength and conditioning coaches available. In fact, the field continues to grow and redefine itself each year, so aiming at the leading edge leaders tends to be a very dynamic and moving target for any team trying to get ahead of the “next innovator” in the field.

So, rolling up our sleeves, we went about it the old fashioned “look it up in the yellow pages” method. Who could be available? And who would be willing to come to Los Angeles to do so? The search led to a number of dead-ends and some curious topics. But in the end, we have compiled a list of five such experts in the field who would be excellent candidates for the LA Rams to interview.