5 strength and conditioning coaches the LA Rams must interview

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Salisbury University

The fifth and final candidate to consider is Salisbury University Coordinator of Sports Performance Matt Nein. Nein is not only a recipient of the 2018 College Strength and Conditioning Coach Award, but he is also a rather motivational speaker. When comparing the careers of head coach Sean McVay and that of Matt Nein, there are some surprising similarities.

Nein took over as the Coordinator of Sports Performance at Salisbury University at the ripe old age of 23. Nein is now one of the top college coaches in the country, after winning the 2018 College Strength and Conditioning Coach of the Year award.

Matt Nein is a gifted and charismatic professional.  Not only can he deliver a very powerful message in person, but he does podcasts as well: Here is Matt Nein on NSCA coaching podcast, it’s very entertaining and informative.

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Nein distinguishes himself by remaining analytical at virtually all athletic events. He remains a cheering fan, but the entire time is assessing and analyzing each athletic performance in terms of how his coaching can help improve the play on the field. He does more than watch range of motion, or raw strength and power, but keeps an eye on the mental aspects of competition upon his athletes. Nein said he uses the formula “event + response = outcome” and applies it to what he sees in an athlete’s routine to then work on improving it.

Nein is a very energetic coach, with complete command of all the characteristics McVay has professed he values in creating the right culture and team among his coaching staff.

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The ultimate goal for the LA Rams with this hiring is to improve player performance on the field and truly limit the number of injuries. Strength and conditioning is such an innovative and wide-ranging field, that “experts” can be as different in their approach as vegetables differ in color, taste, and texture. To find the “right fit”, Rams head coach Sean McVay needs to cast a wide net, and reach beyond his social-circle.   We’ve gone beyond his friends by identifying leaders in the field who have been nationally recognized by their peers.