Are LA Rams new coordinators: 3 wise men or 3 blind mice?

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LA Rams
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The LA Rams have hired on three new coordinators at the close of a disappointing 2019 season. Will history prove them to be three wise men or three blind mice?

The LA Rams made coaching changes at the end of 2019. Some deliberately, some responding to coaching defections. From a fan’s perspective, placing three new coordinators in charge of a significantly and historically competitive NFL team can go either way. Did the Rams truly proactively nip the problems in the bud at the first sign of decline, or did coaching insiders see what’s coming, and get off the ship before it sank? In short, are the Rams adding three wise men or three blind mice to their ranks?

Each NFL team faces challenges each year. Injuries eventually even out across all 32 teams. Close games that seemed to fall the opponents’ way begin to fall in the opposite direction.  The NFL is designed to rejuvenate the hopes of each NFL team whose season fell below the .500 mark.  Conversely, the same NFL structure shakes the faith of teams whose success has become second nature.

Eventually, good players want to be paid very well.  Success for many teams will only continue over many years if the team’s success is based upon a fundamental system that can be replicated by new coaches and players each season.  Success happens when the team’s head coach has a clear vision for what and who his team must be to succeed. Finally, the team’s success happens when the organization’s front office consistently delivers the right players to the team year after year.

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Are the Rams, therefore, a team built for prolonged success or just a flash in the pan team whose best days are now in the rearview mirror?