LA Rams press conference introduces OC Kevin O’Connell

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The LA Rams held a press conference to introduce their three new coaching coordinators. This article will cover Sean McVay’s discussion about Offensive Coordinator Kevin O’Connell

The LA Rams made it a point to introduce three new coaches, but also made it a point to acknowledge the contributions of coaches which are no longer with the Rams coaching staff. This article will cover Sean McVay’s discussion about Offensive Coordinator Kevin O’Connell

Sean McVay opened the February 12 press conference to highlight some similar traits found in offensive coordinator Kevin O’Connell, defensive coordinator Brandon Staley, and special teams coordinator John Bonamego: their teaching ability, their integrity as human beings, and their ability to inspire players. He pointed out that all have the ability and capacity to connect with players and other coaches. McVay also mentioned the addition of running backs coach Thomas Brown. McVay talked at length about competing against him and laying out how Brown enjoyed a seamless transition from player to coach. He also mentioned the addition of defensive quality control coach Jonathon Cooley.

McVay hopes to foster healthy competition among his coaching staff. That type of fraternal bonding where each coach learns from but also vies to outdo the other coaches on a weekly basis. McVay envisions a culture of self-correcting and perpetual improvement, wisely pointing out that type of culture created by coaches will infuse in players by osmosis.

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The first discussion about the new offensive coordinator did not occur until 10 minutes into the 30-minute press conference.  At that point in the press conference, Sean McVay was asked what led him to find Kevin O’Connell, what placed O’Connell on his radar? McVay elaborated that the pair had clicked at a coach’s conferences four years earlier.  After that event, McVay had followed O’Connell’s career and was impressed by how quickly O’Connell rose in coaching responsibilities.

McVay then described how the coaching staff functioned under the previous offensive coordinator Matt LeFleur and indicated that would be the template for the 2020 version. McVay will retain offensive play-calling responsibilities for now.  Once more, McVay emphasized how the offensive coaching staff would collaborate the best offensive game plan to attack opposing defenses and place offensive players in the best spots to make plays. He described how the offense will translate the weekly rhythm into the 3 1/2 hour game-time window.

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McVay mentioned “big picture” and “motivational” in describing O’Connell but then highlighted that Jared Goff would be working directly with O’Connell this year.

McVay is open to being pushed outside his comfort zone by O’Connell, citing different experiences which will serve to build collaboration and build upon one another’s strengths.  He paused and then described the passion and energy found in each of his new coaching staff members about the game of football. He followed that up by stating that it will get players excited to come in and play for the Rams at their best.

That energy will build confidence in the players to buy into the new coaches and schemes, which will show up every day on the practice field and in meetings.

McVay described that the quarterback coaching roles will fall to Kevin O’Connell going forward.

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O’Connell spoke to having the offensive coordinator title sans play-calling responsibilities, and he seemed very relaxed and comfortable with it.  He described that he will be the extension of the head coach, but I suspect he will have a great deal of say in drawing up the weekly playbook each week to aide McVay’s play-calling. Perhaps he will even aid in scripting a set number of plays to start the game to give McVay a feel for what will and will not work on that given day.

Kevin O’Connell cited the chance to work with Jared Goff as a major attraction for him to come to the LA Rams. And why not? The Redskins rookie Dwayne Haskins is not ready to lead an NFL team just yet. Goff is a polished QB compared to raw rookie Haskins.

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When asked what McVay took away from observing the Super Bowl, he didn’t show his hand over implementing an effective new fullback position but rather talked about the difficulty in coaching that game. “I’m excited and motivated, and really, I would say more rejuvenated and reinvigorated than I’ve ever been since I first got here,” said McVay, who is preparing for his fourth season as head coach. “That’s a reflection of these men.”