3 ways LA Rams CB Jalen Ramsey helps Rams sack totals

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LA Rams Jalen Ramsey
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Reason 1 – Coverage sacks

One of the least common reasons for quarterback sacks by the LA Rams defense in recent years has been coverage sacks. A coverage sack is simply a sack which happens by the offensive pocket breaking down because the quarterback cannot find an open receiver.  The reason that does not happen often for the Rams is simple – receivers were open.

Ramsey plays a better pass defense. In 2017, he was graded at 90.6 by Pro Football Focus. A very good score is 70-80. In 2018, he graded at 72.8.  In 2019, he graded at 71.5. I’d look for his 2020 season to grade at better than 80. He’s in his contract year, and the Rams invested heavily to obtain him, which means the defense structure will play to his strengths.

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Ramsey is very versatile. He arrived at the Rams at 3-3, and the team finished with a 9-7 record with a duct-tape offensive line and a running game on life support.  While he didn’t fix everything, he is tenacious on defense and creates good lines of communication among his defense back teammates.  Better communication = better coverage.

With his opportunity to train and practice with the LA Rams for a full season, look for the Rams pass coverage to improve significantly.  Better coverage on receivers means more time for DT Aaron Donald and the rest of the front four to get to the quarterback.