3 ways LA Rams CB Jalen Ramsey helps Rams sack totals

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LA Rams Jalen Ramsey
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Reason 2 – Disguised defenses

The LA Rams, like many defenses, will use certain standard pass coverage schemes. The two main categories are either zone or man coverage. But some defensive backs excel at one, and not the other.  The reason?  Defensive backs who excel at man coverage lock in on one receiver, challenge them at the line-of-scrimmage (LOS) and can stay in their back pocket. Zone defenders may have less speed but can read the quarterbacks eyes and track the ball in the air.

Only a select few excel at both. Jalen Ramsey is one who can.

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In one of our introductory articles discussing new defensive coordinator Brandon Staley, we talked about his tendency to mix and disguise coverages.  By giving outside coverage a man-to-man assignment, while keeping zone coverage for interior pass defenders, the quarterback is confused by what he sees and what he keys on to interpret the defense he is facing.

Since Ramsey can play either man or zone, Ramsey is perfect to run that type of camouflage.  The quarterback will not readily know which defense he is facing and force him to pause in his release.  Once more, more time in the pocket to throw the ball means more time for the pass rush to get to the quarterback.