LA Rams 2020 NFL Draft will benefit from the robust QB class

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The LA Rams’ QB Jared Goff is their QB for the foreseeable future. Still, the robust QB class in the 2020 NFL Draft will help the Rams fill their needs immensely.

The LA Rams are set at the quarterback position for the immediate future. Having made QB Jared Goff the highest-paid quarterback in the NFL for the foreseeable future, and infusing so much guaranteed money, the team has placed their money where their mouth is – Goff is the team’s franchise quarterback.

So the Rams can ignore all the talk of the 2020 NFL Draft quarterback class, right? Well, perhaps not so fast.  The 2020 NFL Draft class boasts these quarterbacks: LSU QB Joe Borrow, Alabama QB Tua Tagovailoa, Oregon QB Justin Herbert, Georgia QB Jake Fromm, Utah State QB Jordan Love, Washington QB Jacob Eason, Colorado QB Steven Montez, Oklahoma QB Jalen Hurts, and more. That’s as many as eight quarterbacks who all have a strong chance of selection before the LA Rams use their first draft pick at 52.  Why is that important?

Simply stated, the more quarterbacks selected early, the greater the chance of a first-round talent falling to the Rams at 52.  After all, rounds one and two are just 32 selections apiece.  Many NFL analysts attempt to rate college talent entering the draft by the round that player will likely be chosen. While the rating is known as an estimation, it does not truly take into account the number of picks per round.  So the number of players earning a first-round grade could number 50, knowing all the while that the round only has 32 slots.

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The remaining first-round talents “fall” to the second round, pushing second-round talent down, and so on.  Since the Rams are shopping for talent in the trenches, any defensive lineman, linebacker, or offensive lineman NOT chosen due to selecting a quarterback pushes quality talent within reach of the Rams at round two, or even perhaps round three.

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Each time an NFL rumor surfaces regarding an NFL team “trading up” to ensure that the team gets their franchise quarterback, that places pressure on all of the other NFL teams to move up as well.  At the end of round one, I would not be the least bit surprised to find anywhere from five to eight quarterbacks selected.

The NFL mock draft has four quarterbacks coming off the board before the Rams select, and that is before the hype of the 2020 NFL Scouting Combine.

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The key to any successful draft remains to choose the best player available.  As NFL teams rush to find their quarterback of the future, the Rams will find solid talent dropping to them. This is a good year to be out of the quarterback market.