LA Rams top 12 prospects face new Group 1 NFL Scouting Combine drills

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LA Rams NFL Scouting Combine
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GROUP ONE – Tight Ends, Quarterbacks, Wide Receivers

Group one is scheduled to Arrive (Day 1) Sunday, February 23rd. While the LA Rams are somewhat set at these positions, a team should never “rule out” the likelihood of any prospect, as random chance could make a first-round talent fall to the Rams at 52. Therefore, we’ll highlight some tight ends, quarterbacks, and wide receiver who may fall to the Rams in the second round.

We’ll also highlight some changes in the test cycle for this year impacting Group one.’s Nick Shook highlighted a total of 16 new drills attendees will undergo this year. Of course, the tests are divided among the position specialization, so positions will be tested in one or up to four new drills. Some previous drills have been eliminated, such as the toe tap drill.

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Group one tight ends will run an end-zone fade route. Quarterbacks will throw end-zone fade routes, as well as a smoke or now-route. A smoke/now-route is a quick pass to either side of the line to complete a quick pass against very soft coverage. Wide Receivers will no longer be subject to toe-tap drills. Instead, and they too will run an end-zone fade route.

This group will include the following players of interest to the LA Rams. Let’s start with tight ends: