LA Rams will scout Group 2 heavily at 2020 NFL Scouting Combine

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LA Rams NFL Scouting Combine
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New Drills

One of the twists for the 2020 NFL Scouting Combine is the inclusion of new drills, all 16 of which are highlighted on the website link here. For Group 2, the Combine has introduced some changes to both the running backs and offensive line drills.  Running backs will now add a Duce Staley drill, and inside route w changing direction drills.

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The Duce Staley drill involves the running back stepping over, across, and then back over perpendicular bags on the field before bursting through a hole created 8 yards away by attending coaches.  The inside route with changing directions drill forces the running back to catch a pass after a sharp direction change.

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Offensive linemen will also face new drills at the Combine. During the new mirror drill, offensive linemen must move laterally up to four times between cones set six yards apart.  For the new screen drill, the lineman must set into a pass-protection blocking position. Upon the signal, the lineman must release and move towards the first coach 15 yards away with a blocking shield.  If the coach remains stationary, the lineman engages him. If that coach moves forward, the lineman must alter his trajectory and engage a second coach with a blocking shield.

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A third new drill will modify the historic Pull Drill.  Instead of a coach with a shield, the linemen will now engage a one-man blocking sled.  Coaches will signal which way linemen are to pull by using hand signals.