5 LA Rams players who won’t be back for the 2020 season

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The LA Rams enter the new season with a trio of new coordinators and new strategies. Here are 5 LA Rams players who, for various reasons, won’t be back.

With the arrival of the 2020 NFL Scouting Combine, fans of the LA Rams can embrace the warm and fuzzy feeling of optimism as each standout performance by an NCAA college football player eager to impress NFL scouts and executives is potentially a performance sealing their selection by the LA Rams in the upcoming 2020 NFL Draft.

But behind the welcome mat on the doorstep of each NFL team lies the sad partings.  It’s a business, folks. And the overarching rule of any business is the governance of numbers.  Whether it’s the number of players already in a role or position or the number of dollars it would cost to re-sign the player to a new contract, number rule in the NFL.

The LA Rams decisions are not always based on a player’s performance.  Some decisions are based upon replacement value. That means if the Rams can get similar production by adding a player at a cheaper price, the team will likely do so.  In a similar fashion, the team will also be looking at player versatility as well.

If the Rams’ front office feels that the team can add a player to the roster at an equitable price, but who can play at multiple positions or adds new dimensions to the role, the Rams will likely do so as well.

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Finally, the LA Rams, as well as all other 31 NFL teams, reserve the right to part ways with any player at their discretion. With three new coordinators, some players may not align with the new schemes. We know that new defensive coordinator Brandon Staley is seeking to disguise the LA Rams defense. We also know that new offensive coordinator Kevin O’Connell will plan the offense to each week’s opponent.  Finally, we know that running back’s coach Thomas Brown has incorporated the fullback wherever he coached and that the LA Rams would absolutely be open to adding a fullback to the offense this season.