LA Rams NFL rumors reports team talking to TE Jordan Reed for 2020

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LA Rams Jordan Reed
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NFL Rumors report LA Rams talking to former Washington Redskins tight end Jordan Reed about signing on for 2020 NFL season

Are the LA Rams becoming too predictable?  Well, it seems that way nowadays, particularly in light of the latest NFL Rumors reported about the Rams. Two unrelated events happened in the NFL over a week ago. But both set into motion a predictable patter for head coach Sean McVay and newly hired offensive coordinator Kevin O’Connell.  What were they?

It began with the Seattle Seahawks signing former Carolina Panther tight end Greg Olsen. At the time, we identified the move as more psychological than significant. Olsen is a solid tight end, but he is unlikely to put up 1,000 yards receiving at Seattle.

Nearly the same time frame, the Washington Redskins were up to their own personnel decisions regarding veteran tight end Jordan Reed. Multiple reports surfaced simultaneously suggesting the rumor that the Redskins would cut Reed. Now that outcome was somewhat expected, as he had a history of multiple injuries, including seven documented concussions. The latest concussion required an entire season to recover from.  All in all, the Redskins saved $8.5 million by releasing Reed.

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But there are strong connections between head coach Sean McVay and new offensive coordinator Kevin O’Connell. A very strong connection in fact. After all, he was there on the Redskins’ offense for both coaches and is a highly reliable and productive player when healthy.  He is the type of tight end who creates extreme mismatches on the field.  That nearly automatic mismatch will draw coaches like McVay and O’Connell every time.