LA Rams Day 6 NFL Scouting Combine – OT Adams stock falling

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LA Rams NFL Scouting Combine
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The LA Rams finally had a chance to get solid data on offensive linemen in the 2020 NFL Scouting Combine, and the class of 2020 certainly made it all worth the wait

The LA Rams are not directly interested in quarterbacks, tight ends, or even wide receivers for the most part. So the events from day five may have raised some eyebrows or pushed some of the data analytics folks back in Los Angeles to the edge of their seats, but position coaches and scouts were jotting notes in the “JIC” column – just in case.

But the sun went down, and then rose again. Day six was a brand new day for the LA Rams scouting entourage.  Finding one or two offensive linemen who can fill the gaps for the 2020 offensive line roster, and perhaps a power back who can fit the bill for the Rams as a fullback are two tasks that the Rams definitely have on their to-do list.

Keep in mind that the objectives for the LA Rams may not align with those of the 2020 prospects or even those of other NFL teams. Not picking until 52, the Rams cannot be happy when a target in the NFL Draft has a “rising stock”.  For the LA Rams, players who disappoint scouts and media at the Combine have a far better chance of falling to them at rounds two, three and four. Bad for them, but great for the Rams.

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Players with round one grades who fall may be in play for the LA Rams at 52. But for the top-32 candidates who shine in the NFL Scouting Combine, they will likely not fall out of day one.  Today’s results are simply too much to list in one quick summary. Let’s break this up into several slides. I promise to keep it light and manageable for smartphone viewers.