3 reasons why LA Rams kick tires of QB Nate Sudfeld in free agency

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LA Rams Nate Sudfeld
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The LA Rams need a veteran backup quarterback. Here are 3 reasons why they’ll kick the tires of Nate Sudfeld in NFL free agency

There is a lot of quarterback talk in the NFL nowadays, so much so that even the LA Rams find themselves sucked into the conversation. Big-name veterans who make a living lining up under center are on the move this year at a level only seen about once every ten years.  Teddy Bridgewater, Jameis Winston, Tom Brady, Philip Rivers are all looking for new teams.  Even the LA Rams backup quarterback Blake Bortles will be signing on with a new team Meanwhile, the 2020 NFL Draft class is loaded with NFL starting-caliber talent as well. A year of quarterback riches, if you have the money to spend, or the early draft pick to use.

The LA Rams have neither.

So the team must be clever, resourceful, and patient. Clever enough not to enter into a bidding war over a free agent, resourceful enough to do the work required to find the right player at the right price. And then the patience to allow enough time to pass to make it all come together.

With so many options at the quarterback position, the LA Rams must quickly sort through the numbers of potential candidates to focus upon the quality few quarterbacks who truly could step up and carry the Rams to victory should starter QB Jared Goff fall to injury.

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The not-so-obvious obvious candidate for the Rams vacant backup QB spot is former Eagles backup QB Nate Sudfeld, and here are three reasons why: