5 Former LA Rams that could return to team in 2020

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LA Rams Alec Ogletree
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OLB Ogletree

We’ve actually addressed this possibility of the LA Rams reuniting with OLB Alec Ogletree. And the more time I spend thinking about it, the more I truly like the idea. The LA Rams risk losing three of four starters in 2020, due to NFL Free Agency.  While the best solution would be to re-sign outgoing players to extensions, that may not fit the Rams’ current financial constraint.

So the team must readjust their plans to reflect the most signings with the projected budget. That budget may not be nearly enough for the Rams to acquire marquis NFL talent in all their roster vacancies. So the next best thing is to sign adequate veterans who exhibit strong leadership, and then draft players who can compete and eventually earn a starting role with the team.

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Former Rams linebacker Alec Ogletree covers that very well. He is a known player to many who are currently on the roster. And he gives 100 percent on the field. While he was not a great fit for what the Rams defense wanted to do under former defensive coordinator Wade Phillips, he has a more likely chance of fitting into a more flexible defense under new defensive coordinator Brandon Staley.

Now nobody is saying Ogletree is the permanent fix here. Successful NFL rosters are not 53-man starters alone. Teams build for depth, adding players who can bridge those periods during games and during the season when the starter needs time off. These rotational back-ups simply need to be effective and be of good value.  Signing Ogletree back to the LA Rams works if the team ensures that happens on a team-friendly contract.