Can the LA Rams survive without spending in 2020 NFL Free Agency?

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(Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images) *** Local Capture *** Les Snead /
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All revved up with no place to go

We’ve taken a hard look at the team this offseason. We’ve pushed to find ways to free up enough money to afford to be active in the 2020 NFL Free Agency. We’ve pushed for ways to find cheap alternatives to rebuilding the 2020 offensive line. While we were at it, we pushed for cheap free agents who could make an impact this season.

But the same Achilles heel plagued each scenario we created. Ultimately, the LA Rams need to agree on the need to take action. Whatever that action might be. At the moment, the team appears to have accepted a 2020 season where the team simply bites the bullet, perhaps re-signs left tackle Andrew Whitworth to a short duration contract, and lets the bad contract terms for the highest-paid players flush through in 2020.

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The team will be in flux regardless of who the team brings onto the roster. So this pause of spending money may be a decision not just of the front office, but of the coaching staff as well.  After adding three new coordinators with new philosophies, will the Rams coaching staff simply opt to work with whoever is on the roster come opening day, intending to make personnel decisions then?

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The Rams opted to amp the coaching staff by committing to younger coordinators who were on the rise in the NFL. The team still has plenty of incredibly gifted players on the roster. 2020 may simply be the year everyone gets a chance to earn a piece of tomorrow. Before the coaches are prepared to step towards tomorrow’s stars, they may be looking to see who on the roster will step up.