Is the new LA Rams logo for real? Or is it just a hoax?

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LA Rams logo
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While most of the fans are going crazy in a very Twitter hell-to-pay fashion, the new design has not been published or officially released by the Los Angeles Rams official website. Yet, many have suggested that this image could have been photoshopped, a very common practice nowadays, but a second angle on the said hat quickly sent those theories to rest.

There is also another one that I thought all night long, and it doesn’t seem as crazy as it can sound.

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A few weeks ago, Twitter user Michael Kist (@MichaelKistNFL) shared what looks to be the official design of this year’s NFL draft headgear (don’t look at the Rams design, as it is clear the team didn’t want New Era to be the one breaking out the new logo), along with the alternative designs. They all are in neon color, with a neon phrase on the side of the hat, as the one shown in this article. Up till there, we could be almost certain that the leak is bulletproof… Until this.

This San Francisco 49ers hat comes allegedly from the same source that sent the Rams graphic design.  Upon inspection, one can decipher a message on the side of the hat.  There appears to be the phrase “Faithful To The Bay” embroidered upon it.  Alternatively, the designs shared by Kasti’s it just says “Niners”.  Sure, maybe the 49ers were still planning on what to put into it, but at least, it shares some concern on authenticity.

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If you take a closer look at every design that Kasti shared, every cap has a black base, the color of the hat is not affected by the team colors. Now, look back at the alleged Rams one. Do you see it? Yes, it is blue, that could tell us even more about the authenticity of the design.