Why Aaron Donald will guarantee success for 2020 LA Rams

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LA Rams Brandon Staley
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What are the LA Rams scheming for 2020?

Over time, the Rams have committed to lining up defensive strength to offensive strength, counting on the Rams winning the battle more than half the time. But offenses have become clever.  The best offenses in the NFL in 2019 were not the strongest, but the fastest.  NFL teams have learned not to fight Aaron Donald outright, but rather to run away from him.

And they are winning those battles.

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Perhaps the most important person for LA Rams Aaron Donald will never wear shoulder pads. He could very well be newly hired defensive coordinator Brandon Staley.  After all, there is a strong case to be made that scheme trumps talent in the NFL.  If not, how do the New England Patriots win six Super Bowl rings in modern times, while the Cleveland Browns, who have picked the best from the college ranks for many years, do not?

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DC Staley has worked with NFL greats at the edge in Von Miller and Khalil Mack. But neither Vic Fangio nor he had the talent of Aaron Donald before.  So this is all new territory in some ways. But Donald is versatile and can do so much from the point of attack on the line of scrimmage. A sharp defensive mind can use Donald to heap devastation upon the offense.