LA Rams may face NFL Rumors reportedly delay 2020 NFL Draft until May 2020

(Photo by Danielle Del Valle/Getty Images)
(Photo by Danielle Del Valle/Getty Images) /

NFL rumors now report that the LA Rams may need to wait until May 2020 to make their 2020 NFL Draft selections but no confirmation as of yet

The LA Rams may not be adding rookies to the roster this April if current reports prove true. Per reports surfacing today, the 2020 NFL Draft may be on the move, delayed until May 2020. These reports are not confirmed as of yet.

But the reports are out there, and they are gathering momentum.  The largest bit of information to come out was a Center for Disease Control and Prevention bulletin addressing public gatherings. Per that release, the CDC is recommending public gatherings be limited to 50 or fewer people for the next eight weeks.

Of course, the 2020 NFL Draft is slated to be such a public event, with massive crowds in attendance, and is currently scheduled to occur on April 23-15 at Las Vegas, Nevada. The draft can occur without the attendance of a live audience, but that would certainly impact the economics of hosting the event.  That may be something the NFL wishes to avoid, particularly in a new market like that of Las Vegas.

While the initial report surfaced today, there has not yet been any official confirmation.  That is not surprising, because the logistics of even delaying this event would be a Herculean effort impacting 32 NFL teams, hundreds of network employees, and thousands of spectators.

The first wave of reports confirming the delay has just appeared on social media. Again, nothing has yet been confirmed officially. But rumors are out there, and are increasing in frequency.

I expect this topic to be a major news item in the days ahead. The NFL can opt for a digital/remote NFL Draft to meet the same timetable, could opt to delay the event, or consider a combination of the two scenarios.

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Again, nothing is confirmed. But factors are aligning which would make the delay of the NFL Draft, or a change of how it is currently structured, to be on the table for debate among NFL executives right now.