3 reasons why LA Rams didn’t use team franchise tag in 2020

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Reason 2 – Les Snead said the team wouldn’t

The LA Rams may be playing the long game this year. The long game meaning a view of winning over the long haul, and no more of the win-now mentality. That is a long-overdue change of philosophy for the LA Rams, but the sudden downshift has left many caught off-guard. What exactly are the Rams planning for 2020?

Well, it’s tough to tell how this cake will taste at the point in time where the Rams have not even begun to add the ingredients. What is needed right now is patience. In fact, we’d discussed patience as the key component to the LA Rams offseason when discussing ways to fix the offensive line. But the same concept of patience applies to virtually all areas of this Rams team in 2020.

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But in a recent interview on March 4, 2020, Rams general manager Les Snead pretty much committed to the Rams not using either the franchise or transition tag on any 2020 unrestricted free agent. But in its place, Snead suggested that the Rams are weighing all their 2020 offseason moves against the impact of being awarded 2021 compensatory picks.