5 reasons why RB is now LA Rams top priority in 2020 NFL Draft

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LA Rams Todd Gurley

(Photo by Michael Zagaris/San Francisco 49ers/Getty Images)

The LA Rams released RB Gurley. Here are 5 reasons why running back is now the LA Rams’ top priority in the 2020 NFL Draft

The LA Rams salary cap situation devolved to the point where the team had to swallow the poison pill and outright release running back Todd Gurley.  While there was plenty of talk about the Rams’financial relations with Gurley building to a point of making that decision, nothing was mentioned about the team’s aftermath. In a 1972 movie, the Poseidon Adventure, the theme song was “There’s got to be a morning after” by Maureen McGovern and written by Al Kasha and Joel Hirschhorn.

So let’s start sorting through the rubble of the Rams roster in the aftermath of Gurley’s release.

The Rams offense, for all intents and purposes, rose and fell on the back of Todd Gurley.  The team’s run-pass option started with the run.  When that running game faltered in 2019, the offense never seemed to find a rhythm.

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The team tried to convert to a pass-heavy offense in 2019, but that was a bad idea.  So the 2020 LA Rams will need a new plan.  The most likely strategy to succeed with this team will be to modify the ran-pass option, focusing efforts to establish a running game as a team, and then leaning towards the pass.  As of today, the Rams have just two running backs on the roster: Malcolm Brown and Darrell Henderson

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