LA Rams Day 4 NFL Free Agency recap – The Goodbye Gurl

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LA Rams Todd Gurley
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The LA Rams released both RB Todd Gurley and OLB Clay Matthews. More moves may be needed to free cap space for more NFL Free Agency signings

The LA Rams pattern of personnel moves does not feel as though the team has a script or plan in place. If the plan was to stay positioned for 2020, the team have many opportunities to create enough salary-cap space to re-sign Rams’ free agents or sign new free agents from other teams.  If the goal was to reload the team or just the defense, the team had ample opportunity to create a dialogue with NFL teams bursting with 2020 NFL Draft picks.  For every “if” scenario, the LA Rams had multiple options to get there.

On Day 4 of the NFL Free Agency period,  nearly three months after the end of the 2019 football season, the LA Rams simply failed to brainstorm, vet, and decide upon a better solution to the team’s salary cap purgatory than to bite the bullet.

But the Rams had no better option it seems, so the team did what seemed nearly impossible three months ago, and released running back Todd Gurley.  Then, for good measure, the team released outside linebacker Clay Matthews.

The Gurley release was building for months.  It was something we had discussed in early January 2020 and revisited on multiple occasions since.  But the release of Matthews was unexpected.