13 XFL players LA Rams should call on Monday March 23

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The XFL has canceled its season, the NFL will allow the LA Rams to sign XFL players as of 6:00 am PT on Monday, March 23

The LA Rams have plenty of roster roles to fill for the 2020 NFL season. Perhaps a stroke of good fortune, the NFL has authorized teams to sign former XFL players beginning 6:00 am PT on Monday, March 23. The only trouble is, who should they sign, or even vet for signing?

Well, the LA Rams certainly have plenty of roster holes to fill, but not all roles transition from the XFL to the NFL equally.  Some roles do have strong similarities, and those are the positions we’ll focus upon.

On the offense, players who equate are the skill players.  Quarterbacks pass the ball. Running backs rush the ball. And wide receivers catch the ball.  The LA Rams have a rather solid offensive brain trust on the team right now with the combination of head coach Sean McVay and offensive coordinator Kevin O’Connell.  Between those two, the Rams can be confident in making use of an offensive player’s skillsets if the team brings them aboard.

So who should the LA Rams kick the tires? Well, let’s look at offense and defense separately. Keep in mind that any statistics were based on just five games.  And we’re talking signing these players to the 90 man roster. That will give the coaches a chance to observe the players, train them, and determine their potential for NFL Play.

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Even if “cut”, this helps out some players who have learned recently that their exciting new XFL league ended their season.