LA Rams: Top NFL Draft prospects to replace RB Todd Gurley

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Expect the LA Rams to draft a running back to replace Todd Gurley, but which round will they pick one?

As we expected, the LA Rams released RB Todd Gurley to the dismay of Rams fans. After all, Gurley seemed to be well on his way to becoming the all-time Rams franchise rushing leader. His replacement might be found in this upcoming NFL draft.

Have you ever heard of the Rams running back, Johnny Drake? He was taken in round 1 as the 10th overall pick in the 1937 NFL Draft. Of course, they were called the Cleveland Rams in those days.

The LA Rams boast a legendary long list of prolific running backs. Drake was the first one and Gurley will not be the last one. Remember, Gurley was taken in 2015 in round 1, the year before the Rams returned to Los Angeles from St. Louis.

Since then, the Rams have selected three running backs. Sam Rogers was taken in 2017. John Kelly in 2018 and Darrell Henderson in 2019. Currently, Kelly, Henderson, and Malcolm Brown are the only running backs on the Rams roster.

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The 2020 draft class has great depth in the running back position. D’Andre Swift is probably drafted before the Rams are up in round 2. However, there will be quality players available in each round as the draft progresses.

Who will the Rams take to replace Gurley? LA might pick one of these three in round 2.

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