Final LA Rams interviews reveal 2020 NFL Draft moves

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The LA Rams were able to squeeze in some interviews with the 2020 NFL Draft prospect before the NFL ban meeting prospects went into effect.

Each year, the LA Rams make it a point to personally reach out to prospects who have piqued their interest at the 2020 NFL Scouting Combine as well as through their individual performances throughout the past season.

And each year, the shopping list changes. Sometimes the differences are about where that particular draft class is loaded.  Sometimes the changes are about the Rams’ changing shopping list.  Finally, sometimes the difference is where the LA Rams anticipate selecting in the NFL Draft.

This year, the Rams will not select until pick 52.  That will eliminate the first 51st prospects altogether.  I will not say the top 51st talented players, because who is the most talented seems to run differently depending on which team is making the

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The LA Rams have a lot riding on the 2020 NFL Draft. With a roster defection rate of 33 percent due to NFL Free Agency, and limited funds to sign veteran talent, the Rams may enter the draft “as is” and plan to shore up weak spots on the roster with draft prospects. While that’s fine in theory, it’s a huge gamble as players the Rams target have 51 opportunities not to be there when the Rams step up to the podium for the first time.

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