5 LA Rams players / coaches you’d want to be quarantined with

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LA Rams Wade Phillips
LA Rams Wade Phillips /

5 – Wade Phillips

Former defensive coordinator Wade Phillips is the first person who comes to mind. The man is one of the most intelligent NFL defensive minds in the game today. But he remains “connectable”. What I mean is that he is always open to dialogues with fans, always humble, quick to compliment others, and steps up to lead whenever circumstances dictate.

As the COVID-19 has far more dangers for the elderly in the US than younger persons, Coach Phillips has taken up the yolk of educating everyone to STOP – Save The Old People. If you are going to be stuck in a quarantine situation, you will want two things: someone who will care enough for others to help you out, and someone who can hold an intelligent conversation for weeks.

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Coach Phillips buries the needle on both requirements. He could entertain for the duration, but be the right person there for you if things go sour. In the end, he would be someone worth talking to. After the quarantine ended, you’d be a much wiser person.