7 trades LA Rams increase 2020 NFL Draft picks and salary cap space

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Trade 7 – Tight End Gerald Everett

The LA Rams have had exploratory discussions with former Washington Redskins’ tight end Jordan Reed.  In that period, we discussed a possible trade of what would be a surplus of tight ends. In that scenario, Gerald Everett would be a logical player to place on the trading block.

The reason?  Everett is a highly talented tight end on the team in his contract year. If the Rams coaching staff do not see him with a significant role worth re-signing him for 2021, the 2020 NFL Draft is light in tight end talent. The time to strike up a deal is now.

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We have discussed this topic before. As of today, the Green Bay Packers are the most likely team to show interest in Everett. The Packers land a solid tight end, arguably more talented than any available in the 2020 NFL Draft, and get him on a cheap “prove-it” deal for his contract year.

The Rams will add a 2020 NFL Draft pick, clear nearly $1.3 million from the books, and eliminate the need to pay another veteran player with an expired contract next year. The vacancy will give the team a chance to see what tight end Ethan Wolfe brings to the team this year as well.  With another second-round pick, the Rams can stock up on the robust talent in this year’s draft, likely a defensive player who can compete immediately for starting minutes.

SALARY CAP FREED:  $1.289,244