7 trades LA Rams increase 2020 NFL Draft picks and salary cap space

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Trade 3 – Tight End Tyler Higbee

Tyler Higbee was the player who jumped out in the last four games of the 2019 NFL Season, proving he was worth the significant pay increase. But if the LA Rams are confident in Gerald Everett’s ability to be nearly equal to Higbee, the Rams would be far better served to free up the $8 million slated to be earned by Higbee in 2020.

If Everett can duplicate Higbee’s breakout performance, then it does fall to the reason for the LA Rams to explore trading the more marketable tight end. So what would a Tyler Higbee fetch in the 2020 market? Well, the 2020 NFL Draft class for tight ends is not very robust.

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That makes the market for a young talented tight end rather favorable for the seller.  As of right now, the Arizona Cardinals, Green Bay Packers could be in the market for a top talent tight-end.  Curiously, it’s the New England Patriots who trade for Tyler Higbee.   The Rams want the equivalence of a first-round pick in the 2020 NFL Draft, and the New England Patriots cave at the last minute.

The net effect of this trade is the LA Rams getting the draft value of a late first-round pick, and free up over $6.225 million in salary-cap space. While this does not add draft picks for the Rams, the quality of a first-round versus a third-round is significant.  A first-round pick at 23 allows the Rams the opportunity to pick for a day one starter at either offense or defensive critical positions.

SALARY CAP FREED: $6,225,000